Boston Terrier / French Bulldog Hybrid Dogs:

The Frenchton is typically a very friendly, loving and intelligent breed. They make a wonderful companion dog. They do well indoors and are ideal apartment pets. They can be a little playful at times but are also great cuddlers. A very laid back dog, they will get by fine with a daily walk and some indoor play. As compared to the French Bulldog, the Frenchton is better suited for more physical activity and exercise given its enhanced stamina. But above and beyond all this - they are unabashedly cute.

The Frenchton is born with little to no tail. Their average weight is 20 - 25 lbs; height 12 - 15 inches. It's coat is fine and can be long to medium in length. It can come in any color variation that is exhibited by the French Bulldog and the Boston Terrier. They are low shedders.

The Frenchton is created by crossing the purebred Boston Terrier with the purebred French Bulldog. It is a hybrid dog of known lineage.

Other recognized names for the (Frenchton) are: (Faux Frenchbo Bulldog), (Faux French Bulldog), (Frenchbo), (Boston Frenchie), or (Fr.Bull Dog). The breed is registerable with the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the International Designer Canine Registry, or the Designer Breed Registry.


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We are located on a family farm in southeast Alabama. We do not ship our puppies as we are a driving distance of 4+ hours from the airports in Atlanta and Birmingham. On site pick up at time of rehoming only.

-Geo. Lewis Avery † 2012

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We currently have no Frenchton puppies available. Check back for an update to this page when our next pups become available.