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Katahdin / White Dorper Crosses:

Having become disenchanted with a goats poor survivability we have chosen to replace them with Katahdin sheep on our range grazing alongside the cattle. Katahdins demonstrate significant tolerance of internal and external parasites and if managed carefully require only minimal parasite treatment. Their short, hair coat allows them to tolerate the heat and humidity of the southeast. In cold weather, they grow a thick winter coat, which then sheds during warm seasons. Katahdin ewes cross well with other breeds to produce superior market lambs. In our program we are crossing with White Dorper rams to produce marketable lambs.

The Dorper is the fastest growing, heaviest-muscled hair sheep breed in the U.S. Dorpers do not shed as well as other hair sheep, but their carcasses are superior to any other breed of hair sheep. Due to their superior conformation and shedding characteristics, they have become one of the most popular breeds of sheep in the U.S.

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Someone available most times:

    Avery Farm
    Hartford, AL 36344

    Email: averyken54@yahoo.com

We are located on a family farm in southeast Alabama. We pasture graze Katahdin and Dorper influenced hair sheep to market ram lambs here on the farm. At the moment we have approximately 60 breeding age ewes.

-Geo. Lewis Avery † 2012

AVERY FARM - Highnote, AL
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We often have ram lambs ready for sale at the farm. Priced by the pound. Weights ranging from 65 to 85 lbs. We have additional young market lambs coming along that are nursing ewes.

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